President Obama, Please Stop Lying About Romney’s Tax Rate

A politician lying is certainly nothing new, but when President Obama throws out a whopper as big as this one we can’t help but point out the fact that it’s a blatant lie. As our graph below clearly illustrates, no cop or teacher making $50k pays an effective tax rate higher than Mitt Romney’s 14.1%. And, one of the few deductions you get to claim on TOP of the standard deduction (which according to the IRS roughly 70% of people use) just happens to be educator expenses which means a teacher making $50k pays an even lower rate than illustrated in our graph.

Mr. President, please stop lying about Mitt Romney's effective tax rates.

Debunking President Obama's Lie about Romney's Taxes

President Obama Kept More 2011 Income than Romney

Yesterday, President Obama’s social media team posted this gem of a tweet:

The President has continually attacked his opponent for not doing his “fair share.” What you WON’T hear from the President is the fact that Mitt Romney donated over 29% of his 2011 income to charities.

In fact, between taxes & charitable donations President Obama paid LESS in 2011 than Mitt Romney!

Giving Back: Presidential Income Tax & Giving Rates