In 2012 Your Vote Means Something


Political pundits across the nation have been talking about the incredibly high stakes for 2012 election but none of them had any idea they’d get THIS high:

Full disclosure: The terms of the bet do not require a complete shaving of my head. I can keep a quarter inch or so of ground cover.

That’s right folks, we at Politigraphs have a friendly wager going that will result in one of us shaving.

If (read as: when) Mitt Romney wins, the old man will shave his head including cutting off the ponytail he’s had for decades. Many would argue this should have happened several years ago, but it appears our long national nightmare may soon come to an end.

If the unthinkable should occur and President Obama is re-elected, I’ll be shaving my face and will once again look like an Oatmeal character. Trust me folks, this is NOT a good look for me.

So when you step into the voting booth on November 6th (my birthday by the way), remember what’s at stake for our nation.

The Loser

Ben Shaved


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